The World is Our Companion

The word Social comes from the Latin Socius meaning “companion, ally”. The social bonds we have with everything are successful when they achieve a positive sum. What I mean by that is both parties must contribute in order for the relationship to succeed.

One must receive something and give something, there are no one-way relationships that last, they always end in disaster. In a one-way relationship, the receiver is frustrated when the relationship ends for obvious reasons, and the giver is devastated by the betrayal of the receiver.

An ally, or companion, is an object which aids you when you need it, and you aid it when you need it. An ally can be another person, an animal (for instance a guard dog), or an object (like a lamp), etc. An ally is anything that benefits from its relation with you. A house is your ally because it give you shelter and comfort, and in turn, you give the house maintenance. A house is a positive sum game, you can make it serve you if you are willing to serve the house. If you do not serve the house, you must suffer the leaky roofs and broken faucets, the undone dishes and the mouldy basements.

When a house, person, object, animal etc. lets us down, we are frustrated with that thing. We are frustrated because we are social creatures who interact with everything like it is another person. We generally expect relationships to be positive sum games. When a relationship becomes negative or a zero-sum game, the relationship is usually terminated.

The struggle for humans is the creation of as many positive sum games as possible in our world. How can we receive and give to every element of our life? Starting with the most important elements. That is the question which must be answered in order to obtain happiness and meaning.

Hustle it up!

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