This one word changed my life.


Give as much value as you possibly can. As social creatures, humans have a reciprocity system built into them. We can’t help but feel obligated to repay our debts. If you are constantly giving valuable information, time, energy, resources etc. It doesn’t matter if your green and have 3 heads, people will want to be around you.

Just for fun, in your next conversation try speaking only when you have something valuable to say. Ask yourself, what would happen if every single time you conversed with somone they ended up gaining something incredibly valuable? The answer is, everyone would want to work with you.

There are plenty of ways to give value. You can give value via information, humour, by giving time, energy, resources, attention, sympathy etc.

Many of us already do this unconsciously, sacrifice and giving are built into our culture, but just imagine how far you could take your giving. Imagine how much value you could give if you really focused on it. Imagine how much people would love to work with you if you weeded out your bad information and only gave.

Hustle it up!

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