To be noble is to be capable of follies

There is a necessity for humility in growth. Becoming a virtuous person necessarily requires one to begin with imperfection. Nietzsche thought that the noblest quality is imperfection because making peace with our own imperfection means becoming oneself. The process of becoming oneself is always a process, there is no end state.

The ubermensch, or the superman or overman, was supposed to be a process, not an end goal. The Overman is the person who hangs above oneself, the person who we all seek to become. But, when we finally become that person there is suddenly another Overman hanging above us. For Nietzsche, we are always in a state of becoming, and always imperfect, thus to be noble and true is to be imperfect.

The moment we think we have arrived at perfection is precisely the moment we fall the furthest from it. Life is a process, and the goal of life ought to be to take part in that process. Life is a constant becoming, with no day the same as the one before, constantly evolving into something new, there is nothing eternal about it. Thus, when we eternalize our goals and we think “if I could just be that, or achieve this, or get that my life would be perfect”, we completely miss out on the vitality of life that is process. The man with the most refined process of becoming is the man who lives with the most vitality.

We must be like the Phoenix who dies and is reborn out of her ashes. To die is to be imperfect, and to be reborn is to adapt to the new circumstances of life. The process of dying and changing and living again is simply a fact of all life. There is no goal, the process is the goal.

Hustle it up!

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