Turtles can’t fly.

What do you think about Steve Jobs retiring to become a clown? Or what if Einstein put down the physics book for tennis? Or what if Picasso had opted for optometry? Or what if a swordsman decided to try to be a reindeer?

For certain people with talents nurtured over thousands of hours, it would just seem ridiculous to suggest they try to use tools that they don’t have. Why use a hammer to try to slice bread? Why tenderize meat with a fish?

Other than for hilarity, using something out of place is simply pathetic. We all are human beings with specific talents unique to us. It doesn’t make sense for us to try and be something we are not. Swordsmen don’t juggle chainsaws.

There is a large literature suggesting people are healthier, happier and more effective when they focus on using their strengths. What do you do well? Try to use those strengths everyday.

Turtles can’t fly.

Hustle it up!

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