Why the easy way never works

Searching for the “easy way” never works because it becomes a habit. “The easy way” becomes the lense through which you look at the world. Each task that is given becomes a game of finding a hack or exploit that will achieve your goal for you. The trouble with this is, you are going to find some. The times where there is a hack dramatically reinforces the behaviour and during the times where there are no hacks or exploits, the goal renders itself unachievable.

Most of the time this process happens unconsciously. People don’t know that they are looking at the world through “easy way” goggles. “Easy way” goggles make perfectly achievable goals seem “simply out of reach”, “not possible for a person like me”.

You might be wearing “easy way” goggles, and there are ways to detect this unconscious lense. The next you doubt yourself and you think you can’t do something, simply ask yourself what would this actually take to complete? Often thinking about the achievable step by step process helps us realize that this is perfectly achievable and you already know how to do it. The tricky part is, when the habit is centred on finding the hack, we jump to “it’s impossible” without considering the logical step by step process.

There is a happy middle ground to be struck between “the easy way” and unnecessarily difficult. This is called implementation over research. The principle of implementation over research is a handy tool to help combat the hacking habit. All you need to do when you are exploring a task is find a way that seems manageable, and then do it, stop all research and get started. Do not worry about the idea that there may be a better way, or maybe their is quick hack, just get started. Something that appeals to you as “manageable” means that it is within your grasp.

Hustle it up!

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