You are what you perceive.

You may look over at your colleague every day for 2 years. You watch as she arrives early, she gets prepared at her desk every day, everything is in order. You observe her honesty with clients, her striving to do the right thing. You might see her talking to her family on the phone and see her laugh and care and love. You observe for a very long time, and then suddenly you have an opinion. You might think, wow she’s really dependable, she’s honest, she works hard, if I would ask somebody a favour I would probably ask her.

How do we formulate these opinions? It’s simply by observing people. And we formulate opinions in the exact same way about ourselves.

We watch ourselves over years and year, and we think, wow this guy’s a mess! He can’t control his thoughts, he can’t show up on time, he can’t stick to his schedule and goals. And maybe over time you can change that. But the point is, the opinion you have of yourself if from observation. When you think about who you are, you are thinking about what you’ve done, thought, and felt.

If you want to build self-esteem, if you want confidence and a great self-image. If you want to wake up every morning to a person who has got it together, you must observe yourself for a very long time doing the very things which you think are virtuous. You have to be honourable, truthful, loving, sacrificial, determined, forgiving, brave, organized, and happy. If that is the person you want to look at in the mirror.

Hustle it up!

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